Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scritch Scratch

Scritch  Scratch
Dish Dash
Uncle Jack's got a hammer full of
Fish Flash
Trish Trash
Auntie, will you ever teach me how to jazz ?

Drain Brain
Pale Vein
Dusty broom will put you through a
Snail Game
Tunnel Train
Girl, will you ever let me take you to Spain ?

Monday, August 29, 2016

These Crimes

There goes the sky light
There shoots the fire
There strikes the bomb shells
There comes the darkness

There breeds the body count
There sweeps in the flood
There whirls in the hurricane
There dies safety

We're all in this together
We're all a part of these crimes

There lives the nightmare
There dances bigotry
There wins fascism
There kills humanity

We're all in this together
We're all guilty as hell
We're all so divided
We're all a part of these crimes

These crimes
These crimes
These crimes
These crimes

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dead Printer Blues

Blank is the mind
Pages dont feel
Patience is locked
And the trees shed a tear

Duplication is a deceit
Hands are still shaking
What if i fail ?
A horror beneath

I am leaving now
A disgrace goodbye
You dont think much of me
You never did

I am gonna make this right
But only in my mind
Fear is forgiven
Amendment on fire

I failed
I failed
I failed

Stand by me
It worries me
I am not to be trusted
I am a fool

I let you down
And i'll do it again
Not by my will
But by my quandary

Dig a deep hole
Set fire to the flag
Nothing holds deeper
Than what you want to bury for

Glass in my eye
Blood everywhere
Suffocating oxygen
Gun powder and disease

I am sacrificed
I am the fungus
I am leaving now
I am the failure

I am the dirt
I am the ditch
I am the fever
I am the germ

But i still need you
Binary burns for you
We all bleed for you
Printer, i wanna kill you

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ramble Scramble

Dogs on the street 
Sitting next to the garbage can

This city looks so beautiful 
Even more when the evening sets

Trees on the road
Shed light which the sun could not

Holes in my head
Make me believe I was someone else 

Do you know what I mean ?
Do you ponder ?

Rain in the skies
Tell a story so deep

You look so pretty
In the shadow of the breeze

Rivers in the stream
There is no small or big

Music in our veins
Makes me believe there is hope

Do you know what I mean ?
Do you ramble ?

Maybe I mean everything
Maybe I ponder it all
Maybe I just mean nothing
Maybe I ramble and that is all I do