Saturday, September 27, 2008

There There

Here, i feel so alone
Lost amidst closing in walls
Here, the lights dont shine no more
Gets dimmer every passing hour
Here, the war is on a break
Cold and silent like the night
Here, the ocean is a desert
Cactus and drought in every sense

Here, the dream is a ghost
Hoping to one day sleep to death
Here, the paradise is sleeping
Waking only to know it is still alive
Here, the landfill has risen
Replacing blood in all of the streams
Here, the virus will not heal
Infecting the mind to feel free

Here, i wanna get there

"I try so hard to forget us
Your memories just dont seem to fade
How i would beg for one more chance
Even i know i am far too late"

- Me, but i am sure its written before (not necessarily in that order)

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Saga Of My Driving License



Got a Texas Driving License on a Tuesday

They draft the white trash here first by the way

Done four trips to the DMV, all my life

Came back home and i decided, i am done this time

Revved up my engine and i drove to downtown

Sat in my cubicle and i slammed it all down


Now my manager, came along and he called me a slack

So i said, its all your fault and i gave him a whack

Put my feet, on the table and lit a cuban cigar

Stole his car keys and i disappeared into a bar

D ( 4X )

Solo on A and D



Pablo [Digitally Remastered] by Arjun:


Ashtray on a Motorbike

Friday, June 27, 2008

If Looks Could Kill

The nurse turned around
And she looked at me
She said she aint got the remedy
To set me free
I said i dont need the pills
So let it be
I am a little blind but if you undress
Then maybe i can see

If looks could kill, then baby i am ogling at you
If you're in for the thrill, then i am runnin up the prison for you

The teacher strokes her hair
While her clip falls down
Waves rushing out
Like a smile in a frown
I said keep smilin' baby
cause we're gettin out of this town
I will make you my queen
And you will wear a crown

If looks could kill, then baby i am ogling at you
If you're in for the thrill, then i am runnin up the prison for you

Kickstart this love machine
Break these bars of steel
I am lying here, without your feel
And dont look at me, cause i wanna kill

Yeah i wanna kill!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Listless Wait
Young girls screaming
Urethane skate
California dreaming

Bright Lights shine
Dull cricket game
Juvenile fights and whine
Its all the same

Ticking clocks
Traffic Jam
Dandruff socks
Expired ham

James Bond spoof
Add to the shopping cart
Stay under the roof
Learn this art

Get the job done
A shallow heart
A web well spun
Stab me with a dart

A lie here
A lie there
Everything to fear
Nothing to spare

Bulletproof your mind
Six barrel shotgun
i am not your kind
i am no one

Ear drums dry
Run to the hill
Its time to fly
Without a pill

All that we are, we are Zilch
All that we are, we are Zilch

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The pills dont work

2 kegs
Weak legs
Back hammered
Week shattered

Still late
Back Home
Keys are lost

Messed up
Drugged up
Internet tv
Snot 'n' Sniffy

Whatever you do
Stay out of my room

Look sick
Feel sick
Cheap flick
Masturbate it

No car
No house
No drive
Cant get a high five

Torn clothes
Dirt weather
Half friends
Dont change these trends

Head dull
Eyes red
Legs shake
For paranoia's sake

Fever thrill
Turmeric milk
Girlfriend's skin
Feels like silk

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Give me the Pills

Standstill shadows
Offbeat mirages
Locked up doors
Iron plated cages

Restless sleep
Unaccelerated drive
Wounds slit deep
Fingers less than five

Trusted Lies
Halted time
Malice rise
Organized crime

Plastic guns
Cant handle stress
Homeless bums
Light the gas

A baby's head
Oil for free
Father's dead
murder in first degree

Skinless feet
A cheating wife
Face the heat
A cosmetic life

A scandal today
Hall of Fame
A six dollar pay
Its all the same

We got the bombs
Sex with three
Give me the pills
I am not free

Wake from this daze
Where the horizon meets the sky
Sleep with this laze
Carried on from last night's high

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wrong Edge Of A Diamond

Cast Deep Inside
Fill up the restless void

Shivering while the tan creeps around
Bottled safe inside are my confusingly varying plans
Compromised by cold momentary reminders of my nonexistent past

Awake, she tried desperately to wake me from my disturbing sleep
Sleep, she still snoozes in peace on a violin’s dream
Dreams, an eddy of a sober hallucination

Circles in a lost diamond
Trick the shadows

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How very Iron Maiden.. I should have been their official songwriter

From the dark age of the icicles
The tyrant leads forward
Time decedes to hollow
The vulture takes on its prey
Darkness whispers a death
Cunning and sorrowfull
Day in and night out
Screaming crows and owls shout

Buried by sands of time
A new soul and machine is found
Engraved in the souls of men
Hell is perished and vitory is sought
The sword is raised, glory's unbound
Defeat is in sight, the Queen is crowned
The gold is taken, Satan is a mule
Evil decays, the brave are back to rule

"Any one can write songs
But that does not make him a songwriter"
.. Anonymous guy on 93.1 Jack FM ( Hell A radio station)