Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The pills dont work

2 kegs
Weak legs
Back hammered
Week shattered

Still late
Back Home
Keys are lost

Messed up
Drugged up
Internet tv
Snot 'n' Sniffy

Whatever you do
Stay out of my room

Look sick
Feel sick
Cheap flick
Masturbate it

No car
No house
No drive
Cant get a high five

Torn clothes
Dirt weather
Half friends
Dont change these trends

Head dull
Eyes red
Legs shake
For paranoia's sake

Fever thrill
Turmeric milk
Girlfriend's skin
Feels like silk

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Give me the Pills

Standstill shadows
Offbeat mirages
Locked up doors
Iron plated cages

Restless sleep
Unaccelerated drive
Wounds slit deep
Fingers less than five

Trusted Lies
Halted time
Malice rise
Organized crime

Plastic guns
Cant handle stress
Homeless bums
Light the gas

A baby's head
Oil for free
Father's dead
murder in first degree

Skinless feet
A cheating wife
Face the heat
A cosmetic life

A scandal today
Hall of Fame
A six dollar pay
Its all the same

We got the bombs
Sex with three
Give me the pills
I am not free

Wake from this daze
Where the horizon meets the sky
Sleep with this laze
Carried on from last night's high