Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Strawberry Girl

Isn't she the sweetest girl you've ever met
Yeah i fell in love right after she said "Hey"
Banged my head just like you do in a movie set
She took a cigarette and then she said "Goodbye"

Ohhh I wanna see you once more
So i could tell you who i really am
But more than anything, i really wanna know
Is that this ain't just another one night stand

She's got flowers for hair and marbles for eye balls
She's got feathers for hands and wings for soul
She's got tiny little ambitions and big monumental dreams
She's got everything, but what is really "everything"?

Ohhh i wanna take you around the world
So we could find out who we really are
But more than anywhere, i really wanna take a ride
Is where, this wouldn't be just another one night stand

Isn't she the most sweetest girl you've ever met?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Human Beings are like animals
They need to be tamed
Politicians are like thieves
They need to be blamed
Peace pushers are always ignored
They need to be famed
I am like a wild beast
I need to be caged

Nature's so beautiful
It needs to be free
Amigos are like brothers
They need to run in three's
Flowers are so mighty
They need to be more like trees
I am like a prisoner
I need to find a way to flee

My confidence is so rusted
It needs to always shine
My direction is so overturned
It needs to be in line
My happiness is so boring
It needs to never whine
You are so real
You need to be mine