Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i think i am paranoid( Reprise:Whisker Twister)

Scary's right above the lip
Scary's moving slow but steadily
Watch who you kiss
And i'll advise you wait until "they" miss

And then i got struck
And you should have figured it out somehow
And i think i am paranoid
And i have always hated sigmund freud

Down, down, down you're an itcher
Watch my shivers float in the bloody sewer
Take on someone else's fright
And bury your foolish pride

And then i got struck
And you should have figured it out somehow
And i think i am paranoid
And i have always hated sigmund freud

Scary's on the face
Scary's on its way
Another whisker trip
Watch Supercuts go down as i flip

And i think i am paranoid
And i have always hated sigmund freud
And i think you find this crappy
And i think i am finally happy

I have chosen the 99th way to die
Multicoloured streaks right up my spine

Perhaps a use for forensics
Try out that strand
Nevermind those cigarette packets

99! 99!! 99!!!

Naaayeeenteee Nayeeeennnenenenneneneeaaaaahhhhhh

Trashy Solo

Fade out:
Whisker Twister
I've got blisters on my lips

I think i am paranoid

Kill me
Kill me again
With love
Or hate
Or ignorance
Whatever suits you
And never answer my phones in need
Cause friends dont mean a thing
I guess i'll leave it up to me

Pull me out of this aircrash
Pull me out of this quicksand
Pull me out of this rebellion
Pull me out of this daze

Leave me
Leave me again
With paleness
Or anger
Or oblivion
That will suit you
And never look back at me
Cause i dont mean a thing to you
I guess i'll always be alone just like before

pull me out of this anathema
pull me out of this fatigue
pulll me out of this jeopardy
pull me out of this massacre

This was my final chance
This was my final failure
But dont feed me sorrow
Pain is a myth i digest

Pull me out of this escape
I have let myself to shape
Pull me out of this horror
Which otherwise i'll feel forever

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Living in a box

What if we all lived in a box
Wore no clothes, no pair of dirty socks
Nothing cold, nothing bold
Nothing to feel, nothing to unfold
No months, no galaxy
No weed, no melancholy
No knocks on the door
No need to visit grocery stores
No scientific discoveries
No decisions, no territories
No friends, no ambitions
No music, no complications
No rivers, no dust
No ranks, no concept of "the first"
No sex, no movies
No games, no trees
No guns, no fights
No angels, no lights
No pain, no rain
Nothing plain, nothing sane or insane
Nothing real, nothing fake
Nothing to give, nothing to take
Nothing to lose, nothing to win
No one to love, no one to sin

What if we all lived in a box

Friday, March 24, 2006

My favorites

My favorite cream is not whipped
My favorite dresses are those which are stripped
My favorite website is www.blogspot.com/comment
My favorite position is bent
My favorite newspaper is the Daily Trojan
My favorite daughter will someday be my son
My favorite cigarette is Classic Milds Wills
My favorite mails are all my random bills
My favorite munchies are fully liquid in nature
My favorite pets are all the ones with fur
My favorite deo is axe
My favorite statement is "..... kicks ass"
My favorite mobile system is a skateboard
My favorite books are the ones which I cannot afford
My favorite guitars are electrics
My favorite people are all freaks
My favorite feelings are the ones which pop goosebumps
My favorte chicks are short and plump
My favorite past time is believing in the fact that i am so lame
my favorite conclusions are the ones that tell me that the the words "similar" and "opposite" are actually one and the same

Sunday, March 19, 2006


All of wood
Devoid of life
A playground
where death plays
A swing
swinging to unnoticed existence
plastic flowers
no petals, only stem
walk with me
in this wilderness
Enter through the exit
It's one and the same
You're lost here anyways
with spirits of the lifeless trees
i'll join
maybe some other time
right now i am playing

The restless spirits are calling me back
Taking me back where i always belonged
Something in the wind is keeping me alive

You have faith
I have none
You had time to waste
And i am not sorry
I had time to kill
you've got feelings to spill
but no one honest

We lied to each other so much
That there is nothing we trust
My body's bruised,
Yours is spent
My heart's a vegetable
Your heart's a game of chess
You're black and white
I am all blue

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The beginning is the end is the beginning

The beginning of a new day
Is not when the clock strikes twelve
But the moment that you wake from sleeping
And you know its was all a dream
Like a six hour movie
In a language you dont understand
Without subtitles

Its like falling backwards into the depths of eclecticity
And rising forwards in strawberry fields

My yesterday's are almost done

Monday, March 13, 2006


Everyone from the north are either "politicians" or in the service sector
Everyone from the south are software engineers and hate their national language
Everyone from the west are selfish and into business
Everyone from the east are either poets or behind bars

Economy boom
Infrastructure doom
"Clean and green" mock
Poverty shock
Mindless politics
Cricket,cheap movie flicks
Arrainged marraige
Idol worshipping from a cage
Chai at all times
Bribes conviniently foster crimes

But inspite of all of this and hell! so much more
It is always raining in India
The sun never ceases to shine in India
It is always heaven in India

Its ma land
Its ma people

yeah i love India!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What can I say, I've found my soul mate!

This blog was one boring lie

What can i say, i am a fool for all i've spoken and written!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Sometimes its real
Sometimes its still
Sometimes its a steal
Sometimes you cant feel

Sometimes it tastes like dirt
Sometimes it just does'nt hurt
Sometimes we cant see the space
Sometimes we are stuck in a maze

Sometimes we leave
Sometimes we sleep
Sometimes it takes a devil
To set us free

Sometimes we lose control
Sometimes we follow
Sometimes we cant see
Except for whats hollow

Sometimes we lose our mind
Sometimes we play around with our own kind
Sometimes we lose hope
Until we wash our sins with soap

Sometimes we cant turn around
Sometimes we are lost till we are found
Sometimes we are fake
Sometimes everything is at stake

Sometimes we fight
Just to prove how real we are
Sometimes we call it "ours"
Sometimes we feel we belong to Mars

Sometimes we feel the power
Sometimes we find our savior
Sometimes we sink
sometimes its time for another drink

Sometimes we break the rocks
Sometimes we take the unneeded mocks
sometimes we fail to choose
between whats real and untrue

Sometimes we cant take back
What you have already given
Sometimes you try to daydream
But instead your mind decides to go wandering

Sometimes is all the time
Sometimes, how quickly we sublime
Sometimes we hate everything and above
Just for the sake of not falling in love

Sometimes is all the time
All of the time.