Monday, March 13, 2006


Everyone from the north are either "politicians" or in the service sector
Everyone from the south are software engineers and hate their national language
Everyone from the west are selfish and into business
Everyone from the east are either poets or behind bars

Economy boom
Infrastructure doom
"Clean and green" mock
Poverty shock
Mindless politics
Cricket,cheap movie flicks
Arrainged marraige
Idol worshipping from a cage
Chai at all times
Bribes conviniently foster crimes

But inspite of all of this and hell! so much more
It is always raining in India
The sun never ceases to shine in India
It is always heaven in India

Its ma land
Its ma people

yeah i love India!


shreya said...

Yo! NRI! After touring Frisco, and all of the west f'in coast...this is what you come up with???

But then I agree...

At least about the chai. And the rain. You should know how much I miss those.

Mirchii said...

I love my India too! Jai Hind!