Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shock Therapy

Start the generator
This one's gonna hurt
Light up all the power
Electrons are gonna spurt
Rage will fill the fire
Poison in the seas
Your head will feel like fire
You'll remember everything
Start the heart attack machine
This one's gonna kill
Light up all the switches
Your pulse is gonna scream
Fever will plague your mind
Temperature rising
Your soul will be paralyzed
You'll hate everything
This is Shock Therapy
Inhuman disease
This is Shock Therapy
Doctor, i'd like to see you try it

Monday, April 20, 2015


Somewhere back in time, the mind blossoms
Hopes to forward in decay
Some flowers died, but the petals suffer

Horizons of love float through the ocean
Hoping to finally meet
Some waves were optimistic, others waved goodbye

Lies in the news print, the pen weakens
Hopes to be stronger than the sword
Some words never make it, they only die

Headache in my mind, now starts to rationalize
Hoping to spit out all the chaos
Some drops are as big as rainfall

The Rainbow Song

Red, like a riding hood
The wolf still needs some food

Orange, like a lion's mane
Rule the world, kill and avenge

Yellow, well how are you?
Love to take you out on a boat cruise

Green, like a plant in need
Smoke me, smoke me, smoke me

Blue, like a TARDIS (*) moves
Outer space and back to earth

Violet, so damn violent
Never gonna make it to a T-Shirt

Indigo, never really cared for you
And now this rainbow's out of tune

(*) Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Friday, April 17, 2015


The shadow of the flame
Flickers in the light of the concrete tar
The froth and the foam
Cascades in the brook of the reflecting glass
I am just inches away
On a stool raised high
Looking far and wide
Into the open sky

The man in the oversized coat
Tries to hide his feelings for the woman
She sits and smokes all alone
She has a tan on her finger where once was worn a ring
They are just inches away
On a bed raised high
Looking far and wide
Into the open screen

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crooked Duck

She met me at the Crooked Duck
With bedroom eyes and smile

She wore a black top, dressed to kill
With sunshine in her eyes

She was never to return my calls
And i know not why that is

But i'll just keep on calling her
Until she blocks me off

Won't you care to talk to me
Won't you care to take a stroll
A conversation that kills
Something to die for

Won't you care to fling with me
Won't you care to care
A shopping spree i shall fear
Something to change for

I tried to catch you over the wire
As foxy as you are

Your fire brings envy to
Flowers of my time

I try to reach you, i'm trying to reach
Will you please just take the call

Cause i'll just keep on calling you
As patahetic that may sound

Won't you care to fling with me
Won't you care to care
A conversation that kills
Something to die for


Feel the sound
Awake to the ground

Spin in time
No reason, no crime

We all fall down
We all fade out
We all cut loose
We all disappear

Make some noise
No silence, only voice

Work the heat
Make love on the bedsheet

We all get beat
We all get sick
We all feel hate
We all rationalize

Ride the wave
The one that makes you stay

Show some sympathy
Let her feel naughty

We all are torn
We all are bored
We all slip in sin
We all recover

Try to keep
The politics away

For sure, do spit
Religion in the drain

We all fight fire
We all bruise and burn
We all waste away
We all lose our minds

We all do what we can
We all do lie
We all go back
To living our lives

Shivering the king

In the castle she wakes
Her dreams, now all chained
Searching for the flower
Nectar of diseased pain

With a trembling heart she screams
Hollow as she wails
Poison to the king's soul
A revenge best served cold


In the tranquil light of the sun, she walked
She shined like the harshest of rays
Ozone stood there with trembling fingers
Her voice was soft and her sword was lit
A blaze of fire roared out of her heart
She showed sympathy even to the freezing pebble
Ozone was slowly brought back to its feet
As she walked and shined in the tranquil heat

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Fools' Day Song (April)

April was a fool
May be a joke
June was a stoner
And July wants more
August can be a moon dance
September will be sick
October is all about luck
November just wants to fuck
December is a vacation
January is like a new leaf
February can mean love
March will hopefully change me