Thursday, August 31, 2006

Swing Life Away

The words lost in my head
Left with mud on an empty swing
In the wake of barking dogs

Tomorrow will be today just as the day after
While a pocket is filled for a fortune teller
A parrot, a tarot card, fake rings of heaven's demise

In a flower someone foresees a brick full of walls
Grim and tall, yet hidden by a shadow of ten thousand suns
A kid runs towards his ball while he rolls away under a drunk driver's truck

In a hospital his mother shrieks like a wingless eagle
Someone dead, but the feelings are stunningly alive
I've been all around searching for that feeling

Hollow sounds generate when she and i meet
Like a cascade of drowning sandcastles
Not a fall but like a rising smoke which now sticks in my ribcage

Hope is strange, a currency for the one's who are fading
Dreams are a state, a toxicant while the truth and lies become one and the same
Life is small when the freeways are so wide but your mind in so narrow

Friday, August 11, 2006

Here's the warning: Click. Click. ..Boom!.... As the War Machine keeps burning

A half British, half Israeli teacher, living in Israel was discussing the ongoing middle east crisis and the situation in Israel in particular. She is an english teacher teaching kids how to read, write and speak english. She had asked her students to make a sentence including the words "Fortunately" and "Unfortunately".

One of the kids volunteered to initiate the challenge and came up with "Fortunately the bus arrived on time".... and some other kid continued it with "But unfortunately a suicide bomber got inside and blew the bus up"

Just imagine you are living in the middle east. One day you wake up to find that you're out of toothpaste. So you dress up and pick up some change and tell your mum that you're going to the shop to buy some. You almost reach the shop when BOOM! No warning, just BOOM! You along with a couple hundred are just dead. Some have not even had the chance to brush their teeth.

It seems to me a nightmare
Becomes reality
The last days of the paradise
Are gone for you and me
But we're living in the crossfire
Where time is burning out
Why cant these angst driven War Pigs
UNDERSTAND: that we dont want to fight
UNDERSTAND: that we are all far too young to die

Damn all you War Pigs!!!
It is pretty evident that you guys are truly fucking angry
and i understand that anger is the most honest human emotion
but if you can channel that into music or writing or making movies instead of killing people then it is so much fucking better.

Here are some alternative things you fuckheads should focus on instead of grilling the war machine:

• Learn to play better pool or billiards
• Become a video game freak and play Counter Strike all fucking day and in the night drink beer with your buddies and discuss how many animated, fictitious characters you killed.
• Get a real nice beautiful girl , get her one of those really expensive flowers, then get her pregnant and have kids.
• Since you’ll are so emotional anyways pick up a musical instrument and start a band and talk about hatred, anger, violence. Just don’t commit it.
• And the best of all: Smoke some weed and listen to Bob Marley. It is going to make you wanna throw away that shitty AK-47, run to a shop, buy a water gun and play Holi.

God bless all who died without a cause.

Peace and Love.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Addicted to Cancer

Just saw the CRAZIEST thing on Dateline: This woman convinced her entire community, including her 5 kids and best friends, that she had cancer. She spent 18 months collecting donations and having her friends pay for her to take trips... turns out she was faking. She convinced her kids she was dying!!!! Meanwhile, they had a video of her going to tanning salons and Walmart while she was supposed to be getting chemo?!!!

Meanwhile falling way behind the dateline, a similar situation had unexpectedly taken place in a small suburb in Bombay ranging further away from the suburb boundaries to what is better known as non existant. A girl named Priya became my ex girlfriend's friend through another friend and somehow convinced both these girls that her non existant boyfriend was suffering from cancer and just had a nooze full of days to survive.

I was returning from playing squash and as usual decided to crash at her place where i felt more home than anywhere else in the world. I had already begun munching on two heavily pounded triple layered cheeze sandwiches with absolutely zilch morsels of any kind of vegetables, when she came out with the palest face any gorgeous looking girl could ever wear.Yeah you're right! I mean what else could have happened? Definately she had not started to smoke!!..I mean..

Anyways so she starts telling me the story about this cancer kid, and yeah i am listening, thinking how i should maybe add a few pieces of tomato and cucumber and mix hot sauce, sweet onion sauce and spicy mustard sauce. That will taste just awesome. So the story kept going somewhere right above my head when she started telling me that that guy was obsessed with her poetry and that she has been writing to him and that he even stalks her but only because he is too embarrassed to show his "chemotherapy" induced self


So she continued doing so, till the day the dawn took his soul away. Yeah she was upset about the whole thing. She had just realized what the end of life meant- "D-E-A-T-H". Thats how her extremely lame and totally fake friend Shipali explained the feeling inside to me. But the funny thing was none of them had ever met this guy. I mean they had been emailing this guy who really was just Priya. I mean they wanted to go to the hospital to meet him but she did not allow them and they still never understood. It turns out that this Priya was just looking to make friends and would just do about anything to do so.
She even told my ex girlfriend that that cancer guy had left her an embroidered purse and an acoustic guitar for me.
By the time she had discovered the truth, she did not really give a fuck about the purse, but hey! I never saw my fucking guitar.

Its a totally crazy, mixed up and an imperfectly perfect unbalanced world
In some other place and some other time frame, I could have been a marine biologist or maybe just a tractor driver.
but the most i fear is life itself and how it can so easily tend to unwind.

…..and here there are people who are faking death or even worse, someone else's life and death.

Evil wears many different Halloween costumes!

Sometimes I wonder why do I feel nothing when i have killed an ant or ants for that matter
but have to think thrice before swatting a moth?

Peace and love