Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wrong Edge Of A Diamond

Cast Deep Inside
Fill up the restless void

Shivering while the tan creeps around
Bottled safe inside are my confusingly varying plans
Compromised by cold momentary reminders of my nonexistent past

Awake, she tried desperately to wake me from my disturbing sleep
Sleep, she still snoozes in peace on a violin’s dream
Dreams, an eddy of a sober hallucination

Circles in a lost diamond
Trick the shadows

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How very Iron Maiden.. I should have been their official songwriter

From the dark age of the icicles
The tyrant leads forward
Time decedes to hollow
The vulture takes on its prey
Darkness whispers a death
Cunning and sorrowfull
Day in and night out
Screaming crows and owls shout

Buried by sands of time
A new soul and machine is found
Engraved in the souls of men
Hell is perished and vitory is sought
The sword is raised, glory's unbound
Defeat is in sight, the Queen is crowned
The gold is taken, Satan is a mule
Evil decays, the brave are back to rule

"Any one can write songs
But that does not make him a songwriter"
.. Anonymous guy on 93.1 Jack FM ( Hell A radio station)