Sunday, June 11, 2006

Access Denied

In like the dose that sticks in your bones
Out of reach, but you're out for more
In like the stone that grows in your soul
Out of time, but you've felt this way before

I've been stuck in mires
See the wars and crimes
I've been strangled by wires
We've been raised in dark times

In like the moon that creeps in the sky
Out to strike, but you cant hide tonight
In like the line in which you've longed to reside
Out with anger, but you've lost your strenght to fight

I've been blind
I tore out my eyes
You've turned away from my side
But i still feel the sounds of your voice inside

In like the pain that fuels up this game
Out of hate, but you cant feel love
In like the rain, that slowly infiltrates the tame
Out of freedom, but you've always had none

I've been dying
I choked out my spite
I've dreamt of flying
But my access has been denied

A rehab center for video games addicts???.... that too in fucking Amsterdam?? ..C'mon

they dont have a rehab center for drug addicts, sex addicts and all other forms of addicts... i dont know maybe trannsexual addicts ..
In fact all of that shyte is fucking legal out there.

and now they have opened a rehab center for video games addicts.... IN FUCKING AMSTERDAM


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nicotine Man

Nicotine Man
Where are you
Thought i saw your face
But it was a silly mistake

Nicotine Man
Who are you
Thought you'll be my savior
But my soul's too late to save

So when you come around
I'll be long gone
Think you should get some sleep
You're filled with love and greed

Nicotine Man
How are you
Know you're brown from inside
But how do you feel otherwise

Nicotine Man
What are you
A sponsor for my torn boots
But do you even wear your own suits

So when you hang around
I wont even make a sound
Think i should get some sleep
You hurt my throat and made it bleed

Nicotine Man
Why are you
Sometimes with a hot blonde girl
Sometimes with me
But in a couple of deep breaths
You set yourself free

So when you disappear
How long does it take you to return
Think we should stay awake
And spit out all we fake.