Sunday, June 11, 2006

Access Denied

In like the dose that sticks in your bones
Out of reach, but you're out for more
In like the stone that grows in your soul
Out of time, but you've felt this way before

I've been stuck in mires
See the wars and crimes
I've been strangled by wires
We've been raised in dark times

In like the moon that creeps in the sky
Out to strike, but you cant hide tonight
In like the line in which you've longed to reside
Out with anger, but you've lost your strenght to fight

I've been blind
I tore out my eyes
You've turned away from my side
But i still feel the sounds of your voice inside

In like the pain that fuels up this game
Out of hate, but you cant feel love
In like the rain, that slowly infiltrates the tame
Out of freedom, but you've always had none

I've been dying
I choked out my spite
I've dreamt of flying
But my access has been denied


Anonymous said...

why so down?

i tried to call you
but as usual your phone cannot be

call me when you get time off

shreya said...

its me. i visited your blog, huh!

aishwarya said...

hey i am not in the States...i rejected the Phd planning to do engineering management now..maybe in spring or next fall...i just got a job here..its a planning and project management kinda u r gonna be my inspiration and i am following ur footsteps and doing eng management...rahuls going to LA next week ull be seeing him soom

Meghna said...

your name sounds really familiar. were you in bangalore?