Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nicotine Man

Nicotine Man
Where are you
Thought i saw your face
But it was a silly mistake

Nicotine Man
Who are you
Thought you'll be my savior
But my soul's too late to save

So when you come around
I'll be long gone
Think you should get some sleep
You're filled with love and greed

Nicotine Man
How are you
Know you're brown from inside
But how do you feel otherwise

Nicotine Man
What are you
A sponsor for my torn boots
But do you even wear your own suits

So when you hang around
I wont even make a sound
Think i should get some sleep
You hurt my throat and made it bleed

Nicotine Man
Why are you
Sometimes with a hot blonde girl
Sometimes with me
But in a couple of deep breaths
You set yourself free

So when you disappear
How long does it take you to return
Think we should stay awake
And spit out all we fake.

1 comment:

aishwarya said...

hey kp came across your blog.damn good.i think you are the same kp that i think you are but even if you are not this blogs still really nice.