Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wheels Of Tragedy

Drove the wheels through a tragedy
The lights were dead and blurry
Melting faces on the highway
That's when it poured an acid rain

Took cover under a cracked rooftop
Skin burning slow under a liquid fire
Gargling rage from an unstable mind
Arms of emptiness begin to claw

Struggled out to take a breather
Chainsaws chasing me in the dark
Weakness in my beaten up knee
Slow me as the blades got near

Roars of a painful drill filled the sky
Dust storms blanket my melting face
The highway lights got dead and blurry
As a tragedy drove past the wheels

Friday, May 16, 2014

Paintbrush Blues

We got our lunch packed in a four wheel drive
A playlist to blow our minds
Got our cigarettes wrapped up in a carton size
Whiskey to go along for the ride

The wind was asleep and the sun was a glare
The hunger stop was an "In and Out"
The signboard said it was another 300 mile
When we checked in at the hotel lounge

They said they just got one more room
But beware of the picture on the wall
The legend says that it feasts on clothes
But only the only the ones that are not on

I said we don't got no more clothes
And we be feeling like a naked day
So naked we got and into the jacuzzi
With a noodle chef and an animated crocodile

The chef, she wore a sunflower tattoo
The crocodile, he shed his tears
They said they had been out on the road
For way too long and without any clothes

They screamed "it took it from us, it ripped it from us"
Cursed the artist and his paint
I just sipped on my whiskey with my face in the heat
As i stirred up the rocks with my paintbrush

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Propoganda, A Sickness

That red paint
She sees it all
She feels it deep
I am getting tortured in your senseless speech

That boring speech
He discards it all
He mocks it out
I am getting tortured in your naive propaganda

That sick propaganda
They eat it up
They digest it in
I am getting tortured in your poisoning tendencies

That vile poison
I shot it down
I injected it through
You are getting tortured in your belief of me

Monday, May 12, 2014

Leaves And Branches

I got left off
Just like someone you knew
Someone you hated
Someone you did not love

I got branched out
Just like someone you left
Someone you avoided
Someone you tore apart

The roots are pale and dry
The blossom is dead as a lie
Your army is a brain washed crime
Your honor is a soulless prejudice

I got turned on
Just like someone you led on
Someone you calculated
Someone you manipulated

I got lost in
Just like someone you poisoned
Someone you called home
Someone you killed inside

The roots are dehydrated
Thirsty and dead like the blossom
Your army is a braveless gutless pride
Your prejudice is a meaningless honor

I got fed up
Just like something you trash
Something you got rid of
Something you never cared for

I got nothing
Just like i have always been
Something i have cried about
Something that will never heal

The roots have decayed
No rain, no sun, no life
Your army has conquered it all
Your prejudice has buried my pride

Saturday, May 10, 2014


She got soul
I got soul
Check Check

She got heart
I got heart
Check Check

She got love
I got love
Check Check

She got feel
I got feel
Check Check

Oh We can be so
Check Check

She got smile
I got smile
Check Check

She got frown
I got frown
Check Check

She got pale
I got pale
Check Check

She got zeal
Check Check

Oh We can be so
Check Check

She got fire
I got fire
Check Check

She got rage
I got rage
Check Check

She got hate
I got hate
Check Check

She got angst
I got angst
Check Check

Oh We can be so
Check Check

She got taste
I got taste
Check Check

She got tune
I got tune
Check Check

She got me
I got her
Check Check

We go out
On a date
She got cheque
I was looking for a free meal

Moon In The Sky

She said she'll meet me here by five
It was a place inside my mind
The humans were all tied up by a leash
The dogs, they're on a run for frisbees

I am starring right down through this hole
The moon is still so sober

It seems like i have lost my way once more
Just like i did that time before
You said you will meet me half way there
But you were way way way ahead

I am starring right down through this hole
The moon is getting darker

I heard a cheap light bang from my basement
I saw a vermin chew through your dead brain
I heard the sound of silence screaming gore
I heard ten thousand hammers bleeding stone

I am done starring down through that hole
The moon is in the sky no more