Friday, May 16, 2014

Paintbrush Blues

We got our lunch packed in a four wheel drive
A playlist to blow our minds
Got our cigarettes wrapped up in a carton size
Whiskey to go along for the ride

The wind was asleep and the sun was a glare
The hunger stop was an "In and Out"
The signboard said it was another 300 mile
When we checked in at the hotel lounge

They said they just got one more room
But beware of the picture on the wall
The legend says that it feasts on clothes
But only the only the ones that are not on

I said we don't got no more clothes
And we be feeling like a naked day
So naked we got and into the jacuzzi
With a noodle chef and an animated crocodile

The chef, she wore a sunflower tattoo
The crocodile, he shed his tears
They said they had been out on the road
For way too long and without any clothes

They screamed "it took it from us, it ripped it from us"
Cursed the artist and his paint
I just sipped on my whiskey with my face in the heat
As i stirred up the rocks with my paintbrush

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