Monday, May 12, 2014

Leaves And Branches

I got left off
Just like someone you knew
Someone you hated
Someone you did not love

I got branched out
Just like someone you left
Someone you avoided
Someone you tore apart

The roots are pale and dry
The blossom is dead as a lie
Your army is a brain washed crime
Your honor is a soulless prejudice

I got turned on
Just like someone you led on
Someone you calculated
Someone you manipulated

I got lost in
Just like someone you poisoned
Someone you called home
Someone you killed inside

The roots are dehydrated
Thirsty and dead like the blossom
Your army is a braveless gutless pride
Your prejudice is a meaningless honor

I got fed up
Just like something you trash
Something you got rid of
Something you never cared for

I got nothing
Just like i have always been
Something i have cried about
Something that will never heal

The roots have decayed
No rain, no sun, no life
Your army has conquered it all
Your prejudice has buried my pride

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