Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meant To Be

Sellotape you to my world
Don't think you got a way out

We were meant to be bound
Ohh hope you like the way that sounds

The animal inside me crawls inside
Screams and jumps and predates your mind

We were meant to be untame
Ohh hope you feel the same

Just found out that untame ain't a word
(But it should be)
I will make up anything for you

We were meant to be fools
Ohh hope you'd like to spoon

Taking shortcuts to get by
Is what management taught

We were meant to be cheaters
Ohh hope you love the haters

Journey starting, road trip swinging
Dylan barking in your car

We were meant to get drunk
Ohh hope you love to groove and funk

Rain is shining and the sun is falling
Everything seems interchanged

We were meant to blend in
Ohh hope you love to sin

Night's on fire but the darkness, it wins
The venom wind, it injects

We were meant to fly
Ohh hope you'd love to try

Your smile is so pretty I could die
Your mind is so rad I could smile

We were meant to be in love
Ohh hope you'd like to be my dove

Reduction In Reverse

To pulp
She says goodbye

Like my teeth are slowly falling down

But it's she who needed access help

Like closed doors wrongfully opening

I am dirt
I am beat by a shovel
I am over a dead man now
I am cursed
I am filth
I am living underground

To pieces
I will never see her again

Like jigsaws that don't fit right in

To invisibility
But she too will never see me again

Like words that will scar me like a blade

I am used
I am dumb
I am alive now
I will be blessed
I am sacred
I will live above you