Monday, September 18, 2006

When the Red Foxes Dance

You mesmerise slowly
Till the moon cant believe its eyes
Your haunting shrieks control me
As the darkness penetrates the bloodred skies

The killer awakes at midnight
On a rusty bed in a cage of destruction
Silver smoke blinds my sight
A fiery soul and a machine makes its evolution

Without warning you make your moves
Silently as your jaws tear up the earth
In circles you beat the devil's ruse
Merry is your dance, wicked is your mirth

You put me in a trance
Ecstacy rushing in every stream of blood
When the red foxes dance
Cant feel the ground, i lie here charmed in your flood

Inspired from this pic that I checked out on "Queen of Lght and joy's " blog
Its the last pic on that post : Bonus picture ( Red Foxes)
Aweome pic: Kinda caught my attention
Really cool blog

Friday, September 15, 2006

That Goddamn! "I" Virus

I am thinking about....
The girl I met last night

I wonder...
If ever anything will last forever

I wish...
I could'nt feel

I regret...
Absolutely nothing

I hate....
People who ask you say "Cheeze" while taking your snap

I said...
I am going to hell and am taking you guys with me

I am...
A dreamer

I dance...
naked in my locked cell

I cry.....
sometimes to get a peaceful sleep

I get...
high all the fucking time

I see....
what I write ( should have been the other way around)

I confuse.....
people i dont like

I can....
write and play my own songs

I cant
play already played songs

I think.....
whoever started this idea is lame

I cannot believe....
I still wanted to blog this

I dont believe...
In the wars we fight just to prove how real we are

I believe...
In heaven here on earth

I need.....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Evil Tulips and Sea Scorpions

Amidst the fire, a lonely blaze appears
Cowboy hat, a steel horse, a gun unfurls
From scorching shadows, soaring with high octane
Dragon's wings, out from the silent void, spitting flames

Eroding earth,battles with the killer nameless
Emerging chaos, now starts to rack the ground
Out with the gun and knife,the captain of two souls
Blood stained sword, back into the scabbard it goes

Swinging through the forsaken, the dry and the parched
In quest of a land with evil tulips and sea scorpions
In with the moonless black, stops by the holy stone
Succumbs to the wild grapes and rests the night all alone

Awoken by a deadly screech, dead rabbit skin between his teeth
Sharpens his knife, shines his sword,prays by the stone
Musket driven to the thigh,ivory pebbles to remind him of his girl
Strokes his horse,an honest kiss,like a storm, he rides back home

Friday, September 08, 2006

Confidently Confused

Was Today necessary??
and is tomorrow ever going to come??
Should i wait for yesterday to happen again??
or am i already living in the day after??

Monday, September 04, 2006

In Heaven, a new Poison

A job that tastes like steel
Ripping power with a burning feel
Takes the heat, rushing fervor in
Mostly outsiders, mostly my own kin
An allegorical dream of a piercing iron jawed caterpillar
Clipped out wings, yet exploding with electric roars of thunder
Lazy sun turns bloodred, stealing the fight
Darkness slowly empowers, Mephistopheles shunning the light
Defeaning silence broken down by merciless haunting veils
A paradise is lost,in heaven technology slowly mediates
Smoggy rusty road, like a poison,sweetly begins to unwind
Even in utopia, the peril aint running too far behind.