Monday, September 04, 2006

In Heaven, a new Poison

A job that tastes like steel
Ripping power with a burning feel
Takes the heat, rushing fervor in
Mostly outsiders, mostly my own kin
An allegorical dream of a piercing iron jawed caterpillar
Clipped out wings, yet exploding with electric roars of thunder
Lazy sun turns bloodred, stealing the fight
Darkness slowly empowers, Mephistopheles shunning the light
Defeaning silence broken down by merciless haunting veils
A paradise is lost,in heaven technology slowly mediates
Smoggy rusty road, like a poison,sweetly begins to unwind
Even in utopia, the peril aint running too far behind.


Smita said...

tripping on your blog dude!!!
you have the craziest blog ever!!

in heaven, technology slowly mediates
even in utopia, the peril aint running too far behind.....awesomeoo

and also...(PLEASE SEE)
reading your other poems(which are "wow!!"), I always felt you had an emotional side to you


I'll see you on Friday

Kappa said...

thanx fox,
but i still cant believe
you know how to read

smit said...


whats thats supposed to mean

... and this time i will beat you
in bowling