Thursday, August 31, 2006

Swing Life Away

The words lost in my head
Left with mud on an empty swing
In the wake of barking dogs

Tomorrow will be today just as the day after
While a pocket is filled for a fortune teller
A parrot, a tarot card, fake rings of heaven's demise

In a flower someone foresees a brick full of walls
Grim and tall, yet hidden by a shadow of ten thousand suns
A kid runs towards his ball while he rolls away under a drunk driver's truck

In a hospital his mother shrieks like a wingless eagle
Someone dead, but the feelings are stunningly alive
I've been all around searching for that feeling

Hollow sounds generate when she and i meet
Like a cascade of drowning sandcastles
Not a fall but like a rising smoke which now sticks in my ribcage

Hope is strange, a currency for the one's who are fading
Dreams are a state, a toxicant while the truth and lies become one and the same
Life is small when the freeways are so wide but your mind in so narrow


Siddharth Adelkar said...

i have finished my work and longing now
like a maze mouse promised custard
now u the expert in managerial affairs
wheres the business plan, you freeloading bastard!!!

Kaps said...


i am swinging my life away
and besides, i cant afford custard right now, just a glass of sugarless milk