Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Negative Lice

Upside Down
Wheels in slow motion
Piggy town
Spiral sensation

Pouring bees
Stinging rain, it stays
Leafless trees
Bully crane awaits

She called me on the phone
The phone stops to ring
His aunt made her an ice cream cone
Outside, selling a wing

Melting ice
Tan machines, they spin
Negative lice
Managing lean, minds swing

Wingless bird
Daytripping soul unfolds
Flesh and mustard
On a plate with bone, so cold

She spoke to me so quietly
The wire starts to burn
His aunt was tripping soulfully
Inside , waiting for his turn

She called me on the phone
The phone stops to ring

His aunt was tripping soulfully
Inside , waiting for his turn

Cloudy sky
Bear shaped ballons in gloom
Vapor high
Out of the cocoon

Dreamy Eyes
Fly at me, they sing
Cuts the wire
Eats the cream with sin

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mother loves her bone more than me
She screams at her bush quiet regularly
Sound for the gardens, honey and jam for me

She goes to the temple just to feed the dogs
She feeds them stone, while a pilot comes crashing in
He is in chains, next to Alice who is malfunctioned

In a river so green we swim
Another mad season to play with
And Foo, he loves to fight with me
As i lie sound stuck by a screaming tree

She collectively gathers my soul
With pieces of pearl in mud
Alice and her pilot are now in the river
Seven years in and i am still a bitch for you

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sleep next to shoes
The pillow's got ash stains
A dirty blanket with holes
Enough to see through

Got hamburger pieces
Scattered on my carpet
Breathing life , more than me
Exhaling whisky fumes

Called the maid up for a sweeping
She had to pick up her kid
She don't work on Sunday's
I sleep through the week

He is a fourteen year old kid yeah
Plays football like every other
Looks up to his mother
His daddy is in jail

He stole them fire hydrants
Said he could make some bucks
Bring flowers for his girlfriend
His girl, his girl on the other side

She works the day shift
In the mall selling perfumes
She wears them bangles and earrings
But never touches soda

She envies the wife
who also works the night shift
At the mansion where she services
The Man, her Man on the other side

The Man, he owns the mall
Hates his wife, loves his kids
Brings bagels for the perfume girl
His girl, his girl on the other side

She skiies with the wife's kid
After the movies
She talks about scents
And he steals her cents

Everyday, a phone call
To his daddy from a pay phone
His mother don't know that
She is busy with the Man

The Man, a Harvard graduate
Got good grades, drives a sports car
Bought some land, built a mall
That belonged to his wife

Now she takes the hate silently
As she slips off every night
For a visit to the jailhouse
To meet her boy, her boy on the other side

She offers him his love
He offers her his lies
She takes the lies, He rejects her love
This story has no more sides

She returns home to see
Her house in flames
Fire, burns, and ruins
but no fire hydrants

The kids are back from the ski trip
With the girl left a bleeding
The Man, now refusing to see her
As this too lost a side

The maid now losing a client
Moves out of the town with her kid
With her husband's photograh on him
As they steer off to a different side

Me, I woke up hazily
One by one, picked up the pieces
Sorted it out and drew it out
A story with no more sides

Alt Ending: A story with many sides

A River In The Sky

She came into town just the other day
She came a whole month late

She and another man
She found him in the storm

Look how old her face was
The scars she bore were new

All these letters that she wrote to you
The pencil's broken blue

Look how all the stars
They sprung up from the earth
A river in the sky

A tree he plants on the west side
A hole he digs in the south

In the north he builds a tower
In the east he leaves his dreams

In the center he creates his love
A moonshine in the sun

In the back of his mind he shivers
An icy chance of hope

Look how all the stars
They sprung up from the earth
A river in the sky

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hit The Road (*)

Moved On
Back to belong
Dirty Laundry
Better than clean
Just a thought away from you
When you walked into the room

Blanket's wet
Bed is clear
Wallet Search
Gifts are thrown
Just a fight away from you
When you walked out of the room

No return
Empty chair
Air is dry
Smoke is in my lung
Just a song away from you
when you started to sing

Waving hands
Leave in faith
Chase no more
Trembling feet
Just a footstep away from you
When I was said Goodbye

Close the door
Bolt and lock
Roll and roll
Just a smile away from me
When you came back for the kill

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

LA to Bombay ( A Mid Summer's Dream )

Water trickling slowly down the screen
Pellets of moonshine beaming through its gleam
I could only see into the night it seemed
Black and gray and blue and green
She takes her coat off and flings it on the side
Tightly she pulls the belt, sets in for the ride
Once I'd seen the colours my eyes opened up wide
She was going home, she joyfully smiled

Soft piano strung keys into my brain
My frame of thought could not be cut off by another train
I could only see into the night, my past it felt slain
I gave in to the moment like the trickling water felt the rain
Wheels rolled on slow, dragging a whirlpool of soul
Endorsing a love affair with the sky, penetrating its hole
Plunging right into the clouds, time had hit the pole
She wore her coat on and asked "Aren't you going home?"