Wednesday, April 07, 2010

LA to Bombay ( A Mid Summer's Dream )

Water trickling slowly down the screen
Pellets of moonshine beaming through its gleam
I could only see into the night it seemed
Black and gray and blue and green
She takes her coat off and flings it on the side
Tightly she pulls the belt, sets in for the ride
Once I'd seen the colours my eyes opened up wide
She was going home, she joyfully smiled

Soft piano strung keys into my brain
My frame of thought could not be cut off by another train
I could only see into the night, my past it felt slain
I gave in to the moment like the trickling water felt the rain
Wheels rolled on slow, dragging a whirlpool of soul
Endorsing a love affair with the sky, penetrating its hole
Plunging right into the clouds, time had hit the pole
She wore her coat on and asked "Aren't you going home?"

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