Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mother loves her bone more than me
She screams at her bush quiet regularly
Sound for the gardens, honey and jam for me

She goes to the temple just to feed the dogs
She feeds them stone, while a pilot comes crashing in
He is in chains, next to Alice who is malfunctioned

In a river so green we swim
Another mad season to play with
And Foo, he loves to fight with me
As i lie sound stuck by a screaming tree

She collectively gathers my soul
With pieces of pearl in mud
Alice and her pilot are now in the river
Seven years in and i am still a bitch for you


Utsav said...

Fuckin awesome..
I really like the play on words..

Kappa said...

I am aware of the fact that Collective Soul is not
genrelized as grunge

But i think their earlier albums were (or at least tending to be grungish)


Kappa said...



Aditya Mehta said...

"She screams at her bush quiet regularly"