Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Love Song Called Montreal

All this cold
All this snow
My face is punched up
Like a line of a joke
They won't make hay
There is no sun
The day grows old
With cliches told 

How i wish to feel you sunshine again
How i need that deep breath of warmth again
How i need to get back to the things i love
I love you, but i love them more

Got snaps
Got tunes
Got smoke
Got Stab
Got love
Got sand
Got sun
Got flap

Lost my soul on a Saint Catherine
Gave my heart to a Crescent Moon
Stuck now, in a not know knot
I am happy or i am sad, no one knows
Will miss all the crepes and all of the beer
Will miss all the bread on a chocolate, my dear
There is an an old port as they say
But it is new and fresh and it will never decay

On Peel street, a travelling band played
"Taxman" and others from Harrison's lair
Gran Prix weekend with the world over
I will always remember you, even if you forget
I might have missed a snowflake or two
And i did miss a love affair, you can bet
But more than anything else
I will miss all you people that i have met

Friday, October 04, 2013

Broken Bad

I got to rumble
Rumble with your fish
You can't touch me
My hammer is your skin

I am your Godfather
Break you to your knees
I am a ruthless bomb
Tick tick one two three

No face no bones
You filth, die a dirty one

I am breaking bad
Bad Bad Bad
No bullet gonna stop me now

I am cutting teeth
Swinging blades and ninja screams
Razor sharp, all made of steel
Cooked it all in a spitting disease

I am calling the shots
You better fucking scream my name
Me, a vermin, i am spreading plague
Either you die or either you spread

No cure no heal
You filth, live a dying life

I have broken bad
Bad Bad Bad
No good gonna stop this bullet now

Good Bye
Good Bye
Good Bye
You better call Saul

Good Bye
Good Bye
Good Bye