Friday, October 04, 2013

Broken Bad

I got to rumble
Rumble with your fish
You can't touch me
My hammer is your skin

I am your Godfather
Break you to your knees
I am a ruthless bomb
Tick tick one two three

No face no bones
You filth, die a dirty one

I am breaking bad
Bad Bad Bad
No bullet gonna stop me now

I am cutting teeth
Swinging blades and ninja screams
Razor sharp, all made of steel
Cooked it all in a spitting disease

I am calling the shots
You better fucking scream my name
Me, a vermin, i am spreading plague
Either you die or either you spread

No cure no heal
You filth, live a dying life

I have broken bad
Bad Bad Bad
No good gonna stop this bullet now

Good Bye
Good Bye
Good Bye
You better call Saul

Good Bye
Good Bye
Good Bye

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