Thursday, December 09, 2010

Flat File Blues

Mother earth is round
But she be given' me the flat file blues
She said she don't like my type, my character

She was lookin' for a length
A length of four point o
Baby, i am four point one

Flat File Blues
Baby u be given' me the flat file blues

She keeps a treading' on
Like its her own playground
She comes back with sand in her hair

Her old man is a nobody
He fails to exist in this space and time
I don't bother knowing much about him

Flat File Blues
Baby u be given' me the flat file blues

You look so pretty and you don't even know
You look so pretty and you don't even know
No, you don't know
You don't know
You don't know

The highway's empty
But i can't compete with her boyfriends
I smile at her when she stops to fill fuel

The blanket is clean
The pillows are all trashed
We used to be naughty, now i am stuck

Flat File Blues
Baby u be given' me the flat file blues

She asks for the diamonds
I play my heart
She is happy when she is at the club

Bits of paper fly high
Playing tunes to a slow wind
Pretty words greet the sky

Flat File Blues
Baby u be given' me the flat file blues

You look so pretty and you don't even know
You look so pretty and you don't even know
No, you don't know
You don't know
You don't know

She rumbles now and then
With a heart felt intent
Slowly she sees what needs to be

The joker plays the king
In this fascinating dream
He wears a fishing hat and sings a melody

You look so pretty and i wish i could see
You look so pretty and i wish i could see
You look so pretty and i wish i could see
You look so pretty and i wish i could see

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Black Rust

A thousand wicked moons
Surround these stars
The ocean water's poisoned
Right to every drop

A ripple in the blue
It's tying us down
Screams from a nighmare
They haunt like fire

A Red flame burning deep
From the dragon's eye
The dagger and the fury
Could not fight its bite

A torture virus spreads
Terrifying dream
Wake me up when the offenders
Slowly die within

A poison scorpion rattles
Screeching venom sting
Black rust injected in
Swamps of toxic human gene

A Pool of ruthless waves
Feed the crimson jaws
Ghosts of lifeless ghosts
Drown the world around

A hissing landslide hammers
Shattering rock and tar
Sand from the graveyard
Buries all forms of life

A Cave of darkness opens
Mesmerizing light
Vultures scavenge life
Like the dead that it was

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Slow Burning Night

Wind blows smooth
Faces in awe
Just like droplets
Of mud water
On a shattered screen
Of a ruined car
Wiped out

The harmonica sounds good
A hundred miles an hour
A cheap hotel
Real bad service
But the waitress
She looks so good
Bills paid

A confident loner
He weighs in excess
Feet smell so bad
Socks are clean
I want to feel heaven
I want it now
Far away

Magical eyes
Sleight of hand
Gloves are torn
Remarkably well
Just the silence
Shapes around
Calculations Postponed

Catapult dreams
Like a wave
A force of nature
Not much to say
Bring in these thoughts
Like a formal gift
Memory Ruined

Reincarnate me
A fairy's tale
Lost my steam
A sense of belief
Linger in currents
Push me out
Bury me in

Now, a six mile ride
Bicycle seat
It hurts so bad
The chains feel free
I would be there
If only i could
Pacify me

Me and you
On a hill
Biscuits and tea
Snakes and tents
Climb back down
Not much to feel
Please speak

Friday, October 15, 2010


Summer tan comes crawling off

Her lotus skin which peels

Seems like they are burning

Every heart beat that feels

Winter black freezes slowly

Her dark passion which cries

Seems like it takes a message

To make everything all right

Autumn rains make heavens wreak

Of suicide that never wanted to be

Now lingering is the faint smell

Of turbulence and disease

Fall falls like the dead that it is

Pretending to be the face

Of the beauty so misinterpreted

Like ambience and vanity

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black Low Fat Blues

Johnny was only 16
He worked down at that burglary store
He sold them boys at gun point
Things like gummy bears and smack

One day the sheriff made a raid
Sacked down an underground cellar
He be down there pulling his scams and what not
They found a dead horse, a half finger and a creepy soft toy

His mama, she was a sweet old gal
Made the best pancakes on the block
She was like Mother Teresa but just the Teresa part
Thats right, her name was Teresa and she was a nun

The sheriff, he had lost his partner
Johnny had perfected the crime
He was out to seek some blood
When he was suspended for bieng a drunk

He vowed for vengeance anyhow
Threw his badge and polished his gun
Revved up his 1972 Ford Gran Torino
When an engine rumbled and he was out on the road

The county relected the man
For what was the best crime to be resolved
He married the wrong woman, and set off to travel
Where his lost his leg and all of his new earned dough

Rhombus was his name
He was sort of a squarist
He liked to live all alone
He wrote suicide notes for them who wished to leave

He never had made love ever
He wished to do so before he died
He grew them plants and had lots of pets
All of them were just fake and made out of plastic

He liked to paint and draw
And he did it pretty well too
But only things no one would understand
He wrote his final note on a bright sunny day

Sandy was a pretty lady
She worked the night shift on the street
Sometimes she would come during the day
Yea she made a good deal of bad money

She had a heart of gold with a silver lining
She was kind, sweet, gentle and full of smile
She loved coffee, but just the Black Low Fat
She could never ever find it anywhere

She had no one left to love
Her boyfriend was in jail
Johnny was his name
And her brother screamed as he went to hell

Monday, September 27, 2010

Motor City Blues

Chocolate fudge in an antique shop
Changing colours, just like the fall
Battery plant and Amy's smile
She said she is sorry for i am leaving now

Diamond ring, straight down the sink
Her hair blows wild in the savage wind
She loves her kid, she calls him Sage
She'd like to hang out, if she could free her cage

Sister love, some garage tools
Playing Euchre on a pizza stool
The grill is done, the smoking wood
The radio's on, CCR and The Who

Motor City, where is my drive
College town, i wanna get done by five
Grizzly bear, a plate of Polenta
I am back home, could you please open the door

The job is done, just on time
Load the stacker, load the line
Sing one last song, before you close
Play many songs, before i doze

Peace and quiet is all we want
Injection molds, close in and out
Sing a song, sing it loud
It don't matter who and it don't matter what

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Puff Cake And Moth Ball Saliva Stew

He be worse than a rattlesnake
He a snake that rat you out
She a stone fox moonlight drive
She a puff cake merry go round

He a dark room spook light rain
He a motorcycle hurricane
She a sweet cheek dessert plate
She a late night movie date

Gotta give it to them
To see
How long does it take
To be
To be
To be together
Lost Forever

He a slam dunk four point shoot
He a moth ball saliva stew
She a yellow custard fruit and pie
She a bubble wrapper disco light

He a black bird wingless flight
He a belong to nobody's tribe
She a pancake on a maple leaf
She a butterfly on a rolling wheel

Gotta give it to them
To see
How long does it take
To be
To be
To be together
Lost forever

He a torn eye crooked grin
He a spot face holes within
She a dream smile cowbell ring
She a flute tone melodic string

He a sun burst bleach of hair
He a grease ball key to spare
She a honey baked cookie dove
She a long lost mountain of love

Gotta give it to them
To see
How long does it take
To be
To be
To be together
Lost forever

He a smoke rage whiskers creep
He a death wish dug too deep
She a vapor smooth drama steam
She a pudding on a candy cream

He a fire breathing oily sack
He a wall scrape crawling nail attack
She a blue ripple in a pool of sand
She a purple moon in a tale of this land

Gotta give it to them
To see
How long does it take
To be
To be
To be together
Lost forever

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Looking down the hill

Wild cherries with a footprint

Lonely as a window sill

Burning smoke and a flavor mint

Swing sky high into the song

The rope that holds you tight

The birds have taken rather long

To kill the angels with all their might

Descend slowly back into the joke

The ropes that you are freed from

The birds hold the gun as he spoke

Speechless as he lets go of the gun

Looking up into space

Melting stars with no name

Starving to win the race

The footprints are to blame

Monday, August 09, 2010


She takes your throne

You are ignorable

She eats the cake

The candles don’t matter

She is in love with you

That’s what she says

You are not deaf

But you are you

Turn around

To the sound

It is easy to forget

That you’re dying

You’re dying

I was here

I was there

Took control

But lost it all

Made through the day

In a pretentious way

Now I am here

Knowing myself

Turn around

To the sound

It is easy to forget

That you’re dying

You’re dying


Getting lost seems so easy



Breaking knots isn’t my way

Not my way


Soon you will relax on a bed so cold

Thorns of pain


I am here and far way

Far away

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Love Called Seattle

A song would be genuine
To show my love
But these "goosegumps" (TM)
Say it all

I could'nt find the right food
Damn those Sesame seeds
I could'nt find the directions
To where i wanted to go

Build a Truck Engine
Watch a TOOL show
Meet some girls
With Seattle glow

Meet your sister
Walk through the trees
Steaming hot soup
At the top of a hill

Mountains and Ales
Guitars and screams
Manufacturing Air Planes
Rain and sun

Grunge turns me on
She was your creation
She lives here
She lives foerver

Fish market
Alki beach
The weather's good
You look so good

I just walked all over you
Thinking you are my long lost friend
You said you were, and it was cool with you
And that i am welcome anytime and hopefully soon

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dead fly in the jacuzzi
Burnt twigs and some leaves
Oh, i don't want to leave
Right now

Blink in my eye
Marble balls and some white
Oh, i don't want to see
Right now

I could be walking over sand
And still feel the snow
I could be sleeping in her walks
And still feel the dream

Heads in your nooze
Scream out a bruise
Oh, i don't want to
Hang on

Taste in your buds
Spill blood on the mud
Oh, i don't want to
Ever play

I could be dancing with a wolf
And still hear the lake
I could be howling at a lotus
And still hear her sing

I should be
I would be
I could be
Doing any of these things

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A quarter inch of sunshine
Flung into the ocean
A tiny drop of water
Flung into the sky
A huge sheet of cloud
Flung into the rain
A loud splash of water
Flung into the mud
A damp piece of earth
Flung into my shoe
A bitter part of my soul
Flung into your sight
A pretty marble of your eye
Flung into mine
A whole lot of us
Rode into the sun

Fried lillies in a hurricane soup
Getting lost in an irreversible loop
Inch by inch, deep and deeper
Ray by Ray, closer and closer

Friday, May 07, 2010

Rabbit In A Magician's Role

Spring and cloudy stars
Dark ale full in jars
Loud music from futuristic cars
Dreams full of water bubbles on Mars

Purple moonshine rain on trees
Spicy red beans and grated green cheese
Soft music from the windshook leaves
Dreams full of big black rocks in seas

Icy stones carved on a wall
Fiery yellow light strikes in from a hall
Groovy bass from a cello tall
Dreams full of a multicolored pool ball

Thick grey smoke blows in through a hole
Carrots never made it to a salad bowl
Dark music from a lifeless soul
Dreams full of a rabbit in a magician's role

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Negative Lice

Upside Down
Wheels in slow motion
Piggy town
Spiral sensation

Pouring bees
Stinging rain, it stays
Leafless trees
Bully crane awaits

She called me on the phone
The phone stops to ring
His aunt made her an ice cream cone
Outside, selling a wing

Melting ice
Tan machines, they spin
Negative lice
Managing lean, minds swing

Wingless bird
Daytripping soul unfolds
Flesh and mustard
On a plate with bone, so cold

She spoke to me so quietly
The wire starts to burn
His aunt was tripping soulfully
Inside , waiting for his turn

She called me on the phone
The phone stops to ring

His aunt was tripping soulfully
Inside , waiting for his turn

Cloudy sky
Bear shaped ballons in gloom
Vapor high
Out of the cocoon

Dreamy Eyes
Fly at me, they sing
Cuts the wire
Eats the cream with sin

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mother loves her bone more than me
She screams at her bush quiet regularly
Sound for the gardens, honey and jam for me

She goes to the temple just to feed the dogs
She feeds them stone, while a pilot comes crashing in
He is in chains, next to Alice who is malfunctioned

In a river so green we swim
Another mad season to play with
And Foo, he loves to fight with me
As i lie sound stuck by a screaming tree

She collectively gathers my soul
With pieces of pearl in mud
Alice and her pilot are now in the river
Seven years in and i am still a bitch for you

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sleep next to shoes
The pillow's got ash stains
A dirty blanket with holes
Enough to see through

Got hamburger pieces
Scattered on my carpet
Breathing life , more than me
Exhaling whisky fumes

Called the maid up for a sweeping
She had to pick up her kid
She don't work on Sunday's
I sleep through the week

He is a fourteen year old kid yeah
Plays football like every other
Looks up to his mother
His daddy is in jail

He stole them fire hydrants
Said he could make some bucks
Bring flowers for his girlfriend
His girl, his girl on the other side

She works the day shift
In the mall selling perfumes
She wears them bangles and earrings
But never touches soda

She envies the wife
who also works the night shift
At the mansion where she services
The Man, her Man on the other side

The Man, he owns the mall
Hates his wife, loves his kids
Brings bagels for the perfume girl
His girl, his girl on the other side

She skiies with the wife's kid
After the movies
She talks about scents
And he steals her cents

Everyday, a phone call
To his daddy from a pay phone
His mother don't know that
She is busy with the Man

The Man, a Harvard graduate
Got good grades, drives a sports car
Bought some land, built a mall
That belonged to his wife

Now she takes the hate silently
As she slips off every night
For a visit to the jailhouse
To meet her boy, her boy on the other side

She offers him his love
He offers her his lies
She takes the lies, He rejects her love
This story has no more sides

She returns home to see
Her house in flames
Fire, burns, and ruins
but no fire hydrants

The kids are back from the ski trip
With the girl left a bleeding
The Man, now refusing to see her
As this too lost a side

The maid now losing a client
Moves out of the town with her kid
With her husband's photograh on him
As they steer off to a different side

Me, I woke up hazily
One by one, picked up the pieces
Sorted it out and drew it out
A story with no more sides

Alt Ending: A story with many sides

A River In The Sky

She came into town just the other day
She came a whole month late

She and another man
She found him in the storm

Look how old her face was
The scars she bore were new

All these letters that she wrote to you
The pencil's broken blue

Look how all the stars
They sprung up from the earth
A river in the sky

A tree he plants on the west side
A hole he digs in the south

In the north he builds a tower
In the east he leaves his dreams

In the center he creates his love
A moonshine in the sun

In the back of his mind he shivers
An icy chance of hope

Look how all the stars
They sprung up from the earth
A river in the sky

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hit The Road (*)

Moved On
Back to belong
Dirty Laundry
Better than clean
Just a thought away from you
When you walked into the room

Blanket's wet
Bed is clear
Wallet Search
Gifts are thrown
Just a fight away from you
When you walked out of the room

No return
Empty chair
Air is dry
Smoke is in my lung
Just a song away from you
when you started to sing

Waving hands
Leave in faith
Chase no more
Trembling feet
Just a footstep away from you
When I was said Goodbye

Close the door
Bolt and lock
Roll and roll
Just a smile away from me
When you came back for the kill

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

LA to Bombay ( A Mid Summer's Dream )

Water trickling slowly down the screen
Pellets of moonshine beaming through its gleam
I could only see into the night it seemed
Black and gray and blue and green
She takes her coat off and flings it on the side
Tightly she pulls the belt, sets in for the ride
Once I'd seen the colours my eyes opened up wide
She was going home, she joyfully smiled

Soft piano strung keys into my brain
My frame of thought could not be cut off by another train
I could only see into the night, my past it felt slain
I gave in to the moment like the trickling water felt the rain
Wheels rolled on slow, dragging a whirlpool of soul
Endorsing a love affair with the sky, penetrating its hole
Plunging right into the clouds, time had hit the pole
She wore her coat on and asked "Aren't you going home?"

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I got my water, soda bottle
And a box of pills
She got her sketch book, colour pencils
And some coffee bills
I took the long way
But i reached on time
She never came
On her way she died

Played in the sand
And we made some castles too
Watched the sun set
And some silly movies too
We fell asleep
But i woke up good
She never did
In my dreams she died

I got my Tee Shirt, skateboard
And my canvas shoes
She got her hippie talk, poetry
And some travelling blues
We sang aloud
And i was on time
She changed colours
And just like that she died

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Decadence

Piece by piece
I fill the void
The wholeness, of which I fear

Knife by knife
I carve on the wall
The bricks, with which I built it

Sip by sip
I take the gulp
The ocean in which I drown in

Is there any more filth
That my greed can be with
Is there any pure dimension
That this brain can be in

Word by word
I fill this page
The joke of which I cry about

Hate by hate
I spread the words
The anger of which I joke about

Fear by fear
I frantically move
The feeling of which I rejoice about

Is there any more life
That my soul can be with
Is there any impure dimension
That this brain cannot be in

Step by step
I climb the ladder
The fall of which i rely upon

Song by song
I catch the tune
The rhythm of which I offbeat about

Day by day
I waste the week
The month of which I procrastinate

Are there any more years
Left to be calculated
Are there any more decades
Left to be manipulated

Happy Decadence '10