Monday, June 18, 2007

Ocean Girl

Ocean Girl
Hang in there
I know you can spot the land
But you cant touch
That's why you're down
And i am leaving town
Just to meet you there
So float in there

I am coming around
In my spaceship
I know you're scared of heights
But i'll handle that
Throw you a ladder
Made of rope
Fly you to my galaxy
Where we can be among stars

Scars, will all fade away
Like all the needles in the hay
Golden like your hair spray
Ocean Girl, wont you stay?

In a spiral escalator
Down the Black Hole
I know we'll get lost
But you know thats my point
Dodge the asteroids
Before we descend
In a Soar In Theatre
Watch the trilogy of "The Supernova"

Rising back
All the way to moon
I know its a bumpy ride
But i'll bolt the seat belts on
Start a business
Selling Stars'n'Cream
Build a house
All made up of green cheese

Breeze, will be blowing in
Like the scent of tonic water and gin
Silver like an electric lightnin'
Ocean Girl, this will be our sin

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shades Of Dust

I got lost in your dream
Moving slow and breathing free
A cleaner love with a dirty feel
Like a moon thats nailed to a tree

And then i forgot
Most of what was Everything
And then i realized
That all of that was nothing

Wear this mask of misery
My face has split into three
My soul is advertised for a lease
You wont like what you will see

And then i forgot
Most of what was Everything
And then i realized
That all of that was nothing

Oh , in this feeling of you
Shades of dust and sun
Go round
Oh, i've tried to blend in
But i could not put my feet
In your shoes

I wonder whats your point of view
I am still stuck on you like cheap glue
I hate myself because these feelings are true
You are glad that we finally are through

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A parody of Annie's Song byJohn Denver

You threw up on my carpet,
Just like eating a raw goat,
Like having eight hundred degrees of fever,
Like having a shower in a sewer,
Like walking for hours in a desert,
Like taking a nap in the gutter.
You threw up on my carpet,
Oh how i wish it was yours

Come let me get you high,
Let me give my drink to you,
Let me drown you in alcohol,
let me let you pass out on this carpet,
Let me lay you down in your own bile,
Let me always do this to you.
Come let me wrap you in this carpet,
Oh how i wish it was yours

Since 1974 we've been hearing this song
Of Annie
Who the f*** is Annie?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blu Ray Burning!!!

Fast and picturesque
We store digital media
To be called as BD
That sets every optical illusion in sight

We are of high density
To produce high definition
For Whoever would
Be able to pay for its right

Born to lead
This digital universe
With short wavelengths
We spit blue violet laser

Blu Ray burning!!

With three interactive profiles
And a hard coating technology
Nothing can stop us
Not even Sony

With ongoing development
We have a base in paper
We have support from Java
Not caffeine but the software

Watch out HD DVD
We are the Killer bees
We transfer the data
At high breakneck speeds

Blu ray burning!!

Blu Ray burning!!