Monday, June 18, 2007

Ocean Girl

Ocean Girl
Hang in there
I know you can spot the land
But you cant touch
That's why you're down
And i am leaving town
Just to meet you there
So float in there

I am coming around
In my spaceship
I know you're scared of heights
But i'll handle that
Throw you a ladder
Made of rope
Fly you to my galaxy
Where we can be among stars

Scars, will all fade away
Like all the needles in the hay
Golden like your hair spray
Ocean Girl, wont you stay?

In a spiral escalator
Down the Black Hole
I know we'll get lost
But you know thats my point
Dodge the asteroids
Before we descend
In a Soar In Theatre
Watch the trilogy of "The Supernova"

Rising back
All the way to moon
I know its a bumpy ride
But i'll bolt the seat belts on
Start a business
Selling Stars'n'Cream
Build a house
All made up of green cheese

Breeze, will be blowing in
Like the scent of tonic water and gin
Silver like an electric lightnin'
Ocean Girl, this will be our sin


Anonymous said...

before it was blue
it was steel gray
the ocean, i mean.

before you were you,
you were a little less
you, i mean.

and before i was i
i was a funny lie
i, i mean.

and what does all this mean?

nothing. just going back to before the ocean was blue.

Kappa said...

My dear anonymous,

I wish i had an emotional tennis racket built inside me so that i could smack my love to you.

For all that i have written for loved ones, for the first time someone has written for me. So Yeahhh!
Thank You.

By the way, i really dont know what this means. But if you wanna flirt after all this time, i am in!!
I know i pretend to be really awesome and all but only you, my sweetness know who i really am.

So let the saga begin!

and it would be cooler if you used a nickname instead of "Anonymous".
But dont use obvious nicknames to give your real name away!

Please see: If you're a guy then yaa ok! thanx and all but dont do it again but if you have to then use "Anonymous"

Siddharth Adelkar said...

kp this one was good.