Monday, October 23, 2006

San Francisco Girl

She drives a used Beetle
She likes to play soccer
She lets me polish her nails
She hates it when they cry

She wears a denim jacket
She likes to read x-men comics
She gets a new piercing every week
She hates the taste of maggi

She wears Calvin Klein framed spectacles
She's trying to learn Sanskrit
She does believe in god
She hates the gentle murmur of simmer

She'd rather a strip club than Starbucks
She listens to Floyd and Queen
She's going to live with her mother..soon
She's a graphic designer but looks more like a waitress

She's a stoned fox
She thinks she can bowl well but...
She's got a huge appetite
She is hell on two heels

She wants to study Buddhism
She wears Suede Platform Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
She's a disco dose-a-pede
She's truly a foxy sorceress' breed