Monday, October 23, 2006

San Francisco Girl

She drives a used Beetle
She likes to play soccer
She lets me polish her nails
She hates it when they cry

She wears a denim jacket
She likes to read x-men comics
She gets a new piercing every week
She hates the taste of maggi

She wears Calvin Klein framed spectacles
She's trying to learn Sanskrit
She does believe in god
She hates the gentle murmur of simmer

She'd rather a strip club than Starbucks
She listens to Floyd and Queen
She's going to live with her mother..soon
She's a graphic designer but looks more like a waitress

She's a stoned fox
She thinks she can bowl well but...
She's got a huge appetite
She is hell on two heels

She wants to study Buddhism
She wears Suede Platform Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
She's a disco dose-a-pede
She's truly a foxy sorceress' breed


Kappa said...

I dont give a rat's ass about those Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
She is crazy about them but they dont even look good!
They look quiet horrible actually
and besides I cant even pronounce it propely

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes said...


ice cream in the form of rain


when are you getting back from
"Hell A"?

aishwarya said...

hey kp ....wazzup?

shreya said...


meghu said...

ok dude. i saw the map and post and all.. and actually i don have a have a clue what you are talking about. i don even know what intraterrestrial life is..( i assume its something like alien life forms being present on earth itself? - which is actually sounding a lil stupid as i say it ) i assumed it was some inane stuff and i believe in everythign inane mostly.

but the map is ultra cool. sorry to dissapoint if i have.

disco shoes said...

happy birthday poops!

cant believe u just left and went back

saale bolaa bhi nahi!

and what happened with capgemini

and where are the photographs

TheFlatteredFlyingFish said...

so this is the only way to get in touch with you is it? this is riddhi, by the way...