Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black Low Fat Blues

Johnny was only 16
He worked down at that burglary store
He sold them boys at gun point
Things like gummy bears and smack

One day the sheriff made a raid
Sacked down an underground cellar
He be down there pulling his scams and what not
They found a dead horse, a half finger and a creepy soft toy

His mama, she was a sweet old gal
Made the best pancakes on the block
She was like Mother Teresa but just the Teresa part
Thats right, her name was Teresa and she was a nun

The sheriff, he had lost his partner
Johnny had perfected the crime
He was out to seek some blood
When he was suspended for bieng a drunk

He vowed for vengeance anyhow
Threw his badge and polished his gun
Revved up his 1972 Ford Gran Torino
When an engine rumbled and he was out on the road

The county relected the man
For what was the best crime to be resolved
He married the wrong woman, and set off to travel
Where his lost his leg and all of his new earned dough

Rhombus was his name
He was sort of a squarist
He liked to live all alone
He wrote suicide notes for them who wished to leave

He never had made love ever
He wished to do so before he died
He grew them plants and had lots of pets
All of them were just fake and made out of plastic

He liked to paint and draw
And he did it pretty well too
But only things no one would understand
He wrote his final note on a bright sunny day

Sandy was a pretty lady
She worked the night shift on the street
Sometimes she would come during the day
Yea she made a good deal of bad money

She had a heart of gold with a silver lining
She was kind, sweet, gentle and full of smile
She loved coffee, but just the Black Low Fat
She could never ever find it anywhere

She had no one left to love
Her boyfriend was in jail
Johnny was his name
And her brother screamed as he went to hell

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