Monday, September 27, 2010

Motor City Blues

Chocolate fudge in an antique shop
Changing colours, just like the fall
Battery plant and Amy's smile
She said she is sorry for i am leaving now

Diamond ring, straight down the sink
Her hair blows wild in the savage wind
She loves her kid, she calls him Sage
She'd like to hang out, if she could free her cage

Sister love, some garage tools
Playing Euchre on a pizza stool
The grill is done, the smoking wood
The radio's on, CCR and The Who

Motor City, where is my drive
College town, i wanna get done by five
Grizzly bear, a plate of Polenta
I am back home, could you please open the door

The job is done, just on time
Load the stacker, load the line
Sing one last song, before you close
Play many songs, before i doze

Peace and quiet is all we want
Injection molds, close in and out
Sing a song, sing it loud
It don't matter who and it don't matter what


CAR said...

Think you meant Polenta :-)

Glad you could visit.

Kappa said...


yes damn it i did

thanks for the correction