Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A quarter inch of sunshine
Flung into the ocean
A tiny drop of water
Flung into the sky
A huge sheet of cloud
Flung into the rain
A loud splash of water
Flung into the mud
A damp piece of earth
Flung into my shoe
A bitter part of my soul
Flung into your sight
A pretty marble of your eye
Flung into mine
A whole lot of us
Rode into the sun

Fried lillies in a hurricane soup
Getting lost in an irreversible loop
Inch by inch, deep and deeper
Ray by Ray, closer and closer


DK said...

Forbidden melody!

Anonymous said...

fucKP. KP ur a moron.

brilliant btw.

was reading it while listening to Great Hosannah - Kula Shaker and the imagery of your song added to trip. Could almost imagine an overcast Long beach evening on Ocean Park wotever that hideous street is.

Baby V.

mystic rose said...

I'm convinced already you must be a genius :)

Trinaa said...

Too many things flung your way! Careful! ;)

DR O2 said...

Re: lol. Yep I was jus referring to the how to train your DRAGON & the fact that the Dragon in Shrek was a female :)

shreya said...