Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Black Rust

A thousand wicked moons
Surround these stars
The ocean water's poisoned
Right to every drop

A ripple in the blue
It's tying us down
Screams from a nighmare
They haunt like fire

A Red flame burning deep
From the dragon's eye
The dagger and the fury
Could not fight its bite

A torture virus spreads
Terrifying dream
Wake me up when the offenders
Slowly die within

A poison scorpion rattles
Screeching venom sting
Black rust injected in
Swamps of toxic human gene

A Pool of ruthless waves
Feed the crimson jaws
Ghosts of lifeless ghosts
Drown the world around

A hissing landslide hammers
Shattering rock and tar
Sand from the graveyard
Buries all forms of life

A Cave of darkness opens
Mesmerizing light
Vultures scavenge life
Like the dead that it was

1 comment:

Angelina Bong said...

I could feel the deep emotions..keep writing