Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Slow Burning Night

Wind blows smooth
Faces in awe
Just like droplets
Of mud water
On a shattered screen
Of a ruined car
Wiped out

The harmonica sounds good
A hundred miles an hour
A cheap hotel
Real bad service
But the waitress
She looks so good
Bills paid

A confident loner
He weighs in excess
Feet smell so bad
Socks are clean
I want to feel heaven
I want it now
Far away

Magical eyes
Sleight of hand
Gloves are torn
Remarkably well
Just the silence
Shapes around
Calculations Postponed

Catapult dreams
Like a wave
A force of nature
Not much to say
Bring in these thoughts
Like a formal gift
Memory Ruined

Reincarnate me
A fairy's tale
Lost my steam
A sense of belief
Linger in currents
Push me out
Bury me in

Now, a six mile ride
Bicycle seat
It hurts so bad
The chains feel free
I would be there
If only i could
Pacify me

Me and you
On a hill
Biscuits and tea
Snakes and tents
Climb back down
Not much to feel
Please speak

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