Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Decadence

Piece by piece
I fill the void
The wholeness, of which I fear

Knife by knife
I carve on the wall
The bricks, with which I built it

Sip by sip
I take the gulp
The ocean in which I drown in

Is there any more filth
That my greed can be with
Is there any pure dimension
That this brain can be in

Word by word
I fill this page
The joke of which I cry about

Hate by hate
I spread the words
The anger of which I joke about

Fear by fear
I frantically move
The feeling of which I rejoice about

Is there any more life
That my soul can be with
Is there any impure dimension
That this brain cannot be in

Step by step
I climb the ladder
The fall of which i rely upon

Song by song
I catch the tune
The rhythm of which I offbeat about

Day by day
I waste the week
The month of which I procrastinate

Are there any more years
Left to be calculated
Are there any more decades
Left to be manipulated

Happy Decadence '10


NN said...

love the build up. also love some verses :
Sip by sip
I take the gulp
The ocean in which I drown in


Happy '10 to you too.

meghu said...

i replied to your comments on my blog. sorry it was so late! now how do we get in touch?

Evolution of His Revolution said...

You are very talented :)