Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Love Called Seattle

A song would be genuine
To show my love
But these "goosegumps" (TM)
Say it all

I could'nt find the right food
Damn those Sesame seeds
I could'nt find the directions
To where i wanted to go

Build a Truck Engine
Watch a TOOL show
Meet some girls
With Seattle glow

Meet your sister
Walk through the trees
Steaming hot soup
At the top of a hill

Mountains and Ales
Guitars and screams
Manufacturing Air Planes
Rain and sun

Grunge turns me on
She was your creation
She lives here
She lives foerver

Fish market
Alki beach
The weather's good
You look so good

I just walked all over you
Thinking you are my long lost friend
You said you were, and it was cool with you
And that i am welcome anytime and hopefully soon

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