Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sleep next to shoes
The pillow's got ash stains
A dirty blanket with holes
Enough to see through

Got hamburger pieces
Scattered on my carpet
Breathing life , more than me
Exhaling whisky fumes

Called the maid up for a sweeping
She had to pick up her kid
She don't work on Sunday's
I sleep through the week

He is a fourteen year old kid yeah
Plays football like every other
Looks up to his mother
His daddy is in jail

He stole them fire hydrants
Said he could make some bucks
Bring flowers for his girlfriend
His girl, his girl on the other side

She works the day shift
In the mall selling perfumes
She wears them bangles and earrings
But never touches soda

She envies the wife
who also works the night shift
At the mansion where she services
The Man, her Man on the other side

The Man, he owns the mall
Hates his wife, loves his kids
Brings bagels for the perfume girl
His girl, his girl on the other side

She skiies with the wife's kid
After the movies
She talks about scents
And he steals her cents

Everyday, a phone call
To his daddy from a pay phone
His mother don't know that
She is busy with the Man

The Man, a Harvard graduate
Got good grades, drives a sports car
Bought some land, built a mall
That belonged to his wife

Now she takes the hate silently
As she slips off every night
For a visit to the jailhouse
To meet her boy, her boy on the other side

She offers him his love
He offers her his lies
She takes the lies, He rejects her love
This story has no more sides

She returns home to see
Her house in flames
Fire, burns, and ruins
but no fire hydrants

The kids are back from the ski trip
With the girl left a bleeding
The Man, now refusing to see her
As this too lost a side

The maid now losing a client
Moves out of the town with her kid
With her husband's photograh on him
As they steer off to a different side

Me, I woke up hazily
One by one, picked up the pieces
Sorted it out and drew it out
A story with no more sides

Alt Ending: A story with many sides

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DK said...

Beautiful! Very.