Friday, August 11, 2006

Here's the warning: Click. Click. ..Boom!.... As the War Machine keeps burning

A half British, half Israeli teacher, living in Israel was discussing the ongoing middle east crisis and the situation in Israel in particular. She is an english teacher teaching kids how to read, write and speak english. She had asked her students to make a sentence including the words "Fortunately" and "Unfortunately".

One of the kids volunteered to initiate the challenge and came up with "Fortunately the bus arrived on time".... and some other kid continued it with "But unfortunately a suicide bomber got inside and blew the bus up"

Just imagine you are living in the middle east. One day you wake up to find that you're out of toothpaste. So you dress up and pick up some change and tell your mum that you're going to the shop to buy some. You almost reach the shop when BOOM! No warning, just BOOM! You along with a couple hundred are just dead. Some have not even had the chance to brush their teeth.

It seems to me a nightmare
Becomes reality
The last days of the paradise
Are gone for you and me
But we're living in the crossfire
Where time is burning out
Why cant these angst driven War Pigs
UNDERSTAND: that we dont want to fight
UNDERSTAND: that we are all far too young to die

Damn all you War Pigs!!!
It is pretty evident that you guys are truly fucking angry
and i understand that anger is the most honest human emotion
but if you can channel that into music or writing or making movies instead of killing people then it is so much fucking better.

Here are some alternative things you fuckheads should focus on instead of grilling the war machine:

• Learn to play better pool or billiards
• Become a video game freak and play Counter Strike all fucking day and in the night drink beer with your buddies and discuss how many animated, fictitious characters you killed.
• Get a real nice beautiful girl , get her one of those really expensive flowers, then get her pregnant and have kids.
• Since you’ll are so emotional anyways pick up a musical instrument and start a band and talk about hatred, anger, violence. Just don’t commit it.
• And the best of all: Smoke some weed and listen to Bob Marley. It is going to make you wanna throw away that shitty AK-47, run to a shop, buy a water gun and play Holi.

God bless all who died without a cause.

Peace and Love.


Enchantelope said...

Thanks for commenting even though I don't know you...You know my uncle it seems and that's fine...I moderated the comments so that's why they don't appear right away...but I happened to be online so seemed confused so thought I'd let you know. I'll write a real comment on your blog sometime but for now it's off to bed.

Siddharth Adelkar said...

i saw you comment at
and I appreciate your earnestness towards acknowledging others work and your incessant battle against plagiarism.

Siddharth Adelkar said...

I started writing again. but alas, recently I found JC, my man, my saviour, who died for my sins and hence I only write to myself on the blog and post about menial and mundane daily accounts from docile lifestyle.

shreya said...

You are so funny!!!!


Siddharth Adelkar said...

no i was also happy that you acknowledged me for "the Ipod to grandma" and other irrelevant gifts. btw i completely forgot the list.

That reminds me, unfortunately we should have documented "Coffee with Karan @ Trojan Grounds" cos that was some good sellable material. I have completely forgotten alomst everything. did we really come up with anything anyway?

Rose said...

Every gun that is fired, every warship launched, every rocket sent signifies in a final sense, a theft - a theft of lives lived, dreams dreamed and hope kindled - a mayhem and crippling of spirits, and the biggest of all crimes ever...

Not a notion in this world - the most phiolosophical or religious or political - can justify the wound caused to the soul..


Smita said...

learn to play better pool???

they'll probably shoot balls the size of grenades in someone's mouth

smoke weed and play holi!