Thursday, September 14, 2006

Evil Tulips and Sea Scorpions

Amidst the fire, a lonely blaze appears
Cowboy hat, a steel horse, a gun unfurls
From scorching shadows, soaring with high octane
Dragon's wings, out from the silent void, spitting flames

Eroding earth,battles with the killer nameless
Emerging chaos, now starts to rack the ground
Out with the gun and knife,the captain of two souls
Blood stained sword, back into the scabbard it goes

Swinging through the forsaken, the dry and the parched
In quest of a land with evil tulips and sea scorpions
In with the moonless black, stops by the holy stone
Succumbs to the wild grapes and rests the night all alone

Awoken by a deadly screech, dead rabbit skin between his teeth
Sharpens his knife, shines his sword,prays by the stone
Musket driven to the thigh,ivory pebbles to remind him of his girl
Strokes his horse,an honest kiss,like a storm, he rides back home

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