Thursday, April 16, 2015


Feel the sound
Awake to the ground

Spin in time
No reason, no crime

We all fall down
We all fade out
We all cut loose
We all disappear

Make some noise
No silence, only voice

Work the heat
Make love on the bedsheet

We all get beat
We all get sick
We all feel hate
We all rationalize

Ride the wave
The one that makes you stay

Show some sympathy
Let her feel naughty

We all are torn
We all are bored
We all slip in sin
We all recover

Try to keep
The politics away

For sure, do spit
Religion in the drain

We all fight fire
We all bruise and burn
We all waste away
We all lose our minds

We all do what we can
We all do lie
We all go back
To living our lives

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