Saturday, March 25, 2006

Living in a box

What if we all lived in a box
Wore no clothes, no pair of dirty socks
Nothing cold, nothing bold
Nothing to feel, nothing to unfold
No months, no galaxy
No weed, no melancholy
No knocks on the door
No need to visit grocery stores
No scientific discoveries
No decisions, no territories
No friends, no ambitions
No music, no complications
No rivers, no dust
No ranks, no concept of "the first"
No sex, no movies
No games, no trees
No guns, no fights
No angels, no lights
No pain, no rain
Nothing plain, nothing sane or insane
Nothing real, nothing fake
Nothing to give, nothing to take
Nothing to lose, nothing to win
No one to love, no one to sin

What if we all lived in a box


shreya said...

we call it a coffin.

Siddharth Adelkar said...

we call it home

NN said...

then we wouldn't be livign at all.