Monday, March 06, 2006


Sometimes its real
Sometimes its still
Sometimes its a steal
Sometimes you cant feel

Sometimes it tastes like dirt
Sometimes it just does'nt hurt
Sometimes we cant see the space
Sometimes we are stuck in a maze

Sometimes we leave
Sometimes we sleep
Sometimes it takes a devil
To set us free

Sometimes we lose control
Sometimes we follow
Sometimes we cant see
Except for whats hollow

Sometimes we lose our mind
Sometimes we play around with our own kind
Sometimes we lose hope
Until we wash our sins with soap

Sometimes we cant turn around
Sometimes we are lost till we are found
Sometimes we are fake
Sometimes everything is at stake

Sometimes we fight
Just to prove how real we are
Sometimes we call it "ours"
Sometimes we feel we belong to Mars

Sometimes we feel the power
Sometimes we find our savior
Sometimes we sink
sometimes its time for another drink

Sometimes we break the rocks
Sometimes we take the unneeded mocks
sometimes we fail to choose
between whats real and untrue

Sometimes we cant take back
What you have already given
Sometimes you try to daydream
But instead your mind decides to go wandering

Sometimes is all the time
Sometimes, how quickly we sublime
Sometimes we hate everything and above
Just for the sake of not falling in love

Sometimes is all the time
All of the time.


Siddharth Adelkar said...

thats a masterpiece man. i liked it. ill reward you with a free mocha-no-whip for this one.

i really liked this one. great going.

Siddharth Adelkar said...

its really good.

Mirchii said...

I actually read the 'about me' section.