Friday, March 24, 2006

My favorites

My favorite cream is not whipped
My favorite dresses are those which are stripped
My favorite website is
My favorite position is bent
My favorite newspaper is the Daily Trojan
My favorite daughter will someday be my son
My favorite cigarette is Classic Milds Wills
My favorite mails are all my random bills
My favorite munchies are fully liquid in nature
My favorite pets are all the ones with fur
My favorite deo is axe
My favorite statement is "..... kicks ass"
My favorite mobile system is a skateboard
My favorite books are the ones which I cannot afford
My favorite guitars are electrics
My favorite people are all freaks
My favorite feelings are the ones which pop goosebumps
My favorte chicks are short and plump
My favorite past time is believing in the fact that i am so lame
my favorite conclusions are the ones that tell me that the the words "similar" and "opposite" are actually one and the same


Kappa said...

inspired by adelkar

Siddharth Adelkar said...

what do you mean i inspired?
I conspired!

if theres a new way.
then there will be no line

CHEESE sells but whos buying?

Kappa said...

cheeze sells but its out of stock

shreya said...

"short and plump"???????


i can vouch for your fav. pastime!

much love!