Sunday, March 19, 2006


All of wood
Devoid of life
A playground
where death plays
A swing
swinging to unnoticed existence
plastic flowers
no petals, only stem
walk with me
in this wilderness
Enter through the exit
It's one and the same
You're lost here anyways
with spirits of the lifeless trees
i'll join
maybe some other time
right now i am playing

The restless spirits are calling me back
Taking me back where i always belonged
Something in the wind is keeping me alive

You have faith
I have none
You had time to waste
And i am not sorry
I had time to kill
you've got feelings to spill
but no one honest

We lied to each other so much
That there is nothing we trust
My body's bruised,
Yours is spent
My heart's a vegetable
Your heart's a game of chess
You're black and white
I am all blue

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Anonymous said...

blue??? :)