Saturday, September 27, 2008

There There

Here, i feel so alone
Lost amidst closing in walls
Here, the lights dont shine no more
Gets dimmer every passing hour
Here, the war is on a break
Cold and silent like the night
Here, the ocean is a desert
Cactus and drought in every sense

Here, the dream is a ghost
Hoping to one day sleep to death
Here, the paradise is sleeping
Waking only to know it is still alive
Here, the landfill has risen
Replacing blood in all of the streams
Here, the virus will not heal
Infecting the mind to feel free

Here, i wanna get there

"I try so hard to forget us
Your memories just dont seem to fade
How i would beg for one more chance
Even i know i am far too late"

- Me, but i am sure its written before (not necessarily in that order)


Mirchii said...

I used to read your writing with more anticipation for the ending than the beginning. Kind of like tiramisu, and chocolate fudge at the bottom.

I won't anymore.

Mirchii said...

I only meant not being in a rush, and taking in what comes before that which comes after...

why delete?

Anonymous said...

"Here, the paradise is asleep
Waking only to know it is still alive"

Very nice.... keep posting.

DK said...

Well written

Mirchii said...


shreya said...

very nice.

how could they do this to bombay?