Sunday, June 19, 2005

Grunge hat and a pair of Bohemian shoes--- The Irresistible outfit

All that was green and good once
is slowly turning into sand
just like the days slip
as the sun begins to fall asleep
yet i am wide awake
awake with nothing of interest
gloomy dark shadows creep across my wall
covering the acid proof bricks
while a roaring ball of lava
rolls over reality
until nothing's left but to quit and forfeit

watching trains and planes go by
the emptiest of feelings
with one eye i spit out the flames
and with the other i swallow the dust
she told me i could turn around
see the light but just for a while
i could not move
i had my eyes fixed into the swarming crowd
i had my mind fixed into her silk eyes
her eyes were swaying all around

have i gone too far away
to reach nowhere?
or am i still right here
with lack of care?

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