Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Transformations From A Sleeping Room

Should i talk to you
or should i just disconnect
should i close the doors
or should i just leave them open for the cold
should i speak my mind
or should i just keep it buried deep inside
should i keep myself hanging
or should i use a knife
shoud i drink some water
or should i leave myself dry
should i worry that this wont happen
or should i just not try
should i beg the clouds for rain
or should i believe in god
should i take a detour
or should i handcuff myself on this track
should i wait for you
or are you gone and onto someone new

Am i loud and clear
or am i breaking up
am i dead asleep
or am i just waking up
am i living in a dream
or is this a disease
are we getting closer
or are we just getting more lost.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

felt this happen to me too.....nicely expressed.