Friday, February 10, 2006

Ugly Horizon

At a distance
You can see it
A golden sunrise
And the flowers in bloom
A look so familiar
Like a pillar of pain
Half broken
To fall anytime

Now and then you can listen to the screams
Crying out for help but they fall on deaf ears

There’s nothing you can do but scream

Your life becomes shorter
You’re held with confusion
You think you’re pretty
But you’re just a gun to your head
You think the bond is great
But no one was here any way
You trade desires
For a piece of game
If your eyes can see
Look behind the sun
An ugly horizon
Just hides in me


shreya said...

What did you do to it?

And where's your address??

And thank you...

Siddharth Adelkar said...

this is pretty impressive man. coincidently i was listening to dylans Hard rains gonna fall. so it kinda got in the groove. good work.