Thursday, August 09, 2007

Right Said The Joker

I'm a chaser, a snatcher, a grade A bomb so nuclear,
I drink at every bar; I sell my disease to every patient.
I'm a screamer, I'm a geezer, I'm a twenty thousand watt amplifier,
everything feels like my playground now.

I'm a transformer,an impostor, my own bomb dismantler,
I am a virus in disguise, with only my eyes to hide.
i am a penetrator, a sinner, a bone chilling comforter,
My mirth begins when you are in deep sleep.

I'm a liar , a craver, a carbon monoxide infiltrator,
Wherever i go, trouble follows.
I'm a striker, a biter, a Vampire Motorcycle Rider,
Hey, but let me tell you about my Alter Ego.

I'm a cracker, a toker, I'm the funniest story teller,
I make believe the skies are under my feet.
I'm a snoozer, I'm a "Kramer", I talk faster than Chris Tucker,
I'm right here but way out of your reach.

I'm a stalker,a watcher, I'm a "whatever i've got, a holder" ,
I am an SAP configurator and i am still unemployed.
I'm a smoker, i'll make friends even with a stammerer,
I am just a little faster than your average lawn mower.

I'm a mocker, a conner, I am a spoon fed eater,
I am shy and talkative at the same time.
I'm a pepper, i'm a sweetener,and i can even be sour,

You see, mostly i am a confuser!!


meghu said...

nice. i want to be zaphod beeble brox. youve heard of him?

Padma said...

Entertaining post - and deep in a cryptic way :)

Nice work!

Thank you for dropping by!

shreya said...


I am in Bombay- opposite DJ!!! How's you?? How's it going with the visa and all the other tragedies?? Are you coming down in Feb? Is anyone else getting married? Did you find another job? Can you call me here? E-mail me, I will give you my number...Have lots to tell you...

Take care...

:P said...

wow !

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