Friday, April 10, 2009

That Old Hag Down The Farm

On a green marshy farm
An old hag, she rants
About the surprise and alarm
Of the new war, the town cranks

Clearly as she remembers
When she was a little girl
Her daddy along with the other plumbers
Gave that broken shower knob, a twirl

Out sprinkled some drops
Many green coins flew
And soon all the crops
Were cut to nothing more than few

So the mayor, who recently was elected
Corrupt, but charming, a merchant of "change"
On the black marshy farms, a green mine he seated
Selling "hope" to them, whose minds were out of range

He went on expanding his new found glory
Earning popularity from the masses,a subtle way to cheat
"We can Change", "We can do it", oh what a story!
Using naivety, just like a butcher does his meat

Like midas of old, he went on to sell his soul
Along with pots of gold, a superpower he claimed he was
Soon the greed was invaded by those who were addicted to coal
Madness and riots were replaced by most of his flaws

And so the town, now just a flat piece of land
Dried up and forgotten and raised down to hell
All that remains is the old hag and a taste so bland
Who sips the water and spits it back, down that new wishing well

Clearly as she wishes
When she was a little girl
The masses and the classes
Had not given that broken shower knob, a twirl